From Long Island, New York - 
Dr. Ramón Namnun, principal of the High School of World Cultures in the Bronx, New York City, sent Noel Quiñones, pictures of his fishing day in the waters of Long Island, demonstrating that he is as successful at sea as he is in his school.

Just before starting the new school year 2013 – 2014, the HSWC principal, Dr. Ramon Namnun, shows that his ability for fishing is not limited within school.

Yesterday in the waters of Long Island while enjoying his last day of vacation, Dr. Namnun caught 25 preys and and the first thing he did was share it with the whole Operation Exito community, so that everyone, teachers and students could see his achievement.

Last year the fishing was somewhat different. Dr. Namnun, using the Operation Exito platform, and after implementing OE´s Intensive Treatment Program in his school, Dr. Namnun was placed as one of the most popular principals in the entire city of New York after his school achieved their academic goals and desired scores in the standardized tests (Regents).

This year, Dr. Namnum comes with an even more powerful and aggressive Intensive Treatment, in order to maintain his school as one of the leading educational institutions for young immigrants, which is a real example for the entire nation.

Without a doubt, this is a deep-sea fisherman.