Beauty - 
Finalist v5

Karina Ruiz, American Master V5 finalist, confesses to OE News her secrets to maintaining a fresh and youthful appearance.

In the mornings, Karina kicks off her beauty routine by washing her face with a mild soap. Then she applies a moisturizer with SPF to protect her skin from the sun.

Always remove your make up before going to bed at night. Karina recommends using make up remover disposable cloths.

After taking a bath, she recommends moisturizing your skin by applying body lotion all over your body. That way your body skin is always smooth and moist.

For natural looking lips, put a drop of foundation on your lips and then apply lip color or lip-gloss of your favorite color. The foundation will help your lips stay looking shiny and colorful for a long period of time.

The Super Secret: Karina tells us that her lips are very thin, therefore, she uses an eyeliner to make them look fuller and attractive. We invite you to follow Karina’s advice and you too will look beautiful throughout the school year.